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KUbikes 16 L bike

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After each rental, the products are professionally cleaned of dirt using carefully selected cleaning items and hygienically prepared for the next rental.


We will deliver the product to your home, hotel or AirBnB for an additional charge.

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16 inch children's bike for fun for children aged 3 and over

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When ordering, you pay the first rental fee using your preferred payment method. As soon as we have delivered the product to you, the rental period starts and the following payments are debited easily.

Experience reports from customers

I rented the travel cot including mattress for my little niece. Everything went smoothly. She clearly felt comfortable there during her first stay in Vienna.

Gladly again. :)

Sandra S.

via Trustpilot

Great website, well maintained products and fantastic service. Always available when support is needed.

Akshay Balgarkashi

via Trustpilot

Thank you for this beautiful baby carrier from Artipoppe! I didn't want to buy it because it was too expensive for me, but my little son loved it for 3 months! Maybe there is a small discount for the next 3 months? ; )


via Trustpilot

quality and safety

With KUbikes you can also be sure that your children are riding a bike that meets the highest safety standards. Our children's mountain bikes are specially designed to ensure a stable ride and feature brakes that allow for quick stopping to keep your children safe while on the move.

KUbikes have been specially developed for the needs and safety of your little adventurers!

Motorical development

Learning mountain biking also promotes motor skills, endurance and strengthens your children's self-confidence. With a children's mountain bike from KUbikes, you can be sure that your child will not only have a great time on the trails, but also apromotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Overall, you can be sure that a children's mountain bike from KUbikes is a wonderful way to promote your child's physical development and health while encouraging them to explore the world on two wheels and have unforgettable adventures.

Product preparation

Our bicycle providers ensure the safety of children's bicycles through precise inspection and maintenance. This includes checking the size, brakes, chain, wheels and handlebars as well as cleaning and disinfection. Repairs ensure the functionality of all parts. In addition, roadworthiness, including lighting and reflectors, is carefully checked.

The timeless world of KUbikes

The terms “values” and “responsibility” are essential pillarsKUbikes. The bicycle brand from the Allgäu in Germany is aware that it is important to look closely at the effects of actions from start to finish and to implement the set values ??and goals responsibly - this is also noticeable in the products!

The excellent products are timeless: For this reason, the company does not present seasonal models, but rather continually introduces innovations and improvements. The result is long-lasting products and a timeless, value-stable design from KUbikes.


KUbikes 16 L bike

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With KUbikes your children ride safely and stably. Our children's mountain bikes meet the highest safety standards, offer effective brakes and perfect grip. Experience unforgettable nature adventures with your children - without worrying about their safety.

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