Simply order and delivery throughout Austria

Our vision and values

Sustainability meets quality – for a better future for our children

Our journey started with a simple idea: to offer parents the opportunity to rent high-quality children's items instead of buying them. At Toddle we strongly believe that the future is in “renting rather than buying” and we specialize in offering near-new, professionally prepared products.

Refurbished – A second life for children’s items

We believe that products that are still in perfect condition should not be thrown away. Through our refurbishment program, we give children's equipment a second life. We ensure that every product that passes through our hands is not only safe, but also hygienically clean.

Renting instead of buying – a win for everyone

In today's throwaway society we want to make a difference. By renting children's items, we not only reduce waste, but also offer parents a flexible and cost-effective solution. No matter whether it is a city trip, a longer vacation or a temporary solution for the home - we have the right offer for you.

Our commitment

We are more than just a rental company. At Toddle, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. This means that quality and service are our top priority. Our team, which now includes Konstanze Loudon – a mother of four – is passionate about ensuring that parents not only receive the best products, but also the best service.

Together for a better future

At Toddle we believe that every little step counts. By renting children's items, we can together make a positive contribution to the environment while ensuring that our children grow up in a better world.