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FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Order & Pay

When will my payments be debited?

  • Monthly rent: Payment will be debited monthly, starting on the day of delivery.
  • Daily rentals: Payment is debited daily, starting on the day of delivery. The number of 'nights' is used to calculate the rental period so that the daily rent mentioned is not calculated in full.

Wie kann ich bezahlen?

Wir bieten im Moment folgende Zahlungsmöglichkeiten an:

Kreditkarte Visa, Mastercard, Debit-Karte, Paypal

Delivery &; collection

How and are deliveries made?

If you book a delivery for an additional charge, this will take place on the delivery day and delivery time window specified in the checkout process (shopping cart). In the case of daily rentals, you are welcome to deposit a product in a hotel or Airbnb before your arrival.

When will I find out where I can pick up the rented product?

You will receive the pickup location in the Vienna area as part of the order confirmation. Since our products are stored at different retailers and processing partners, we unfortunately cannot provide this product-specific information in the checkout process.

Where do you deliver?

We have currently limited our delivery area to Austria and, for some products, to Vienna. If you are not sure whether the product can be delivered to you, please contact us at any time.

Wie wird zugestellt?

Die Zustellung erfolgt entweder durch uns selbst, oder mittels Zustellpartner wie Post oder DHL.


How can I cancel the rent?

You can cancel the rental easily and at any time via our User Cockpit. To do this, simply click on the login button (top right of the Toddle website) and have a one-time password sent to your email address. This allows you to log into your user cockpit, where you can view all products, make complaints and simply end the rental.

Can I cancel the subscription before the end of the minimum rental period I have chosen?

You can cancel the subscription before the end of the minimum rental period and return the bike early, but you must finally make the outstanding payments within the minimum rental period.

What happens if the rental period is over but I haven't canceled yet?

You can end your rental at any time (after the minimum rental period has expired) via the User Cockpit at the end of the current rental month.

Do I have to observe deadlines when canceling?

You have to cancel your subscription yourself (after the minimum rental period) via the User Cockpit, otherwise the subscription will continue on a monthly basis. Please indicate in the comment field how the return should take place (return to the dealer, collection via Toddle). Picking up Toddle costs EUR 15 extra (except when exchanging with a next product). For daily rentals, collection or return (depending on your selection when ordering) is processed automatically.

Hand back

How can I return the product?

You can return the rented product personally to us in Vienna by arrangement. Collection is also possible for a fee.


What happens if I/my child don't like the product delivered?

If your child does not like the product delivered, simply return it to us at the end of the minimum rental period - or in the case of the bike, which may be the wrong size, we are happy to exchange the product during this time for a larger or trade in a smaller bike. The minimum rental period remains unaffected.

If I like the product, can I buy it later? How does this work?

Yes, you can also buy out the rented product later. To do this, write a short email to and we will send you the invoice for the 'product purchase'. The amount corresponds to the new sales price of the product, less 80% of the rent paid to date.

What happens if the product I rented is damaged/damaged during the rental period?

Toddle guarantees the products. However, Toddle is not liable in the event of unauthorized and/or unauthorized use of the rental item (e.g. operating errors, overuse, breach of other obligations). See point 4 in our general terms and conditions. Corresponding damage repairs will be charged directly to the tenant. Please report damage to products immediately to or via the User Cockpit (login button) in order to plan a repair with the dealer. In warranty cases, we will of course immediately replace defective products.

Still unclear?

If the questions and answers list does not cover your concerns, please contact us by email or telephone.