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About Us

Welcome to Toddle – where family life becomes easier and more sustainable.

We are Markus and Matthias, the founders of Toddle. Our journey began in early 2023 when Matthias and his wife Isabel received the happy news that they were expecting their first child. This personal experience opened our eyes to the challenges and needs of young families.

We noticed that many parents, just like us, are looking for practical yet sustainable solutions for family life. The idea for Toddle came from our own need to make our family life simpler and more environmentally conscious. We wanted to offer products and solutions that are not only practical, but also good for the environment .

Markus, with his experience in eCommerce and marketing, and I, Matthias, with a background in product management and marketing, combined our skills and passions to found Toddle. We share the vision of supporting families in making their lives with children more carefree and sustainable.

Toddle isn't just about products, it's about a community of families who support and inspire each other. We are proud to be a part of your journey and look forward to growing with you and your families.

"When I became a father, I understood first-hand the challenges young families face. Our goal at Toddle is to help these families by offering practical and environmentally friendly solutions that make everyday life easier,"

Matthias Lohner