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Product preparation

In our processing process at Toddle, we attach great importance to always offering you products that are in new condition. This means you receive items from us that are “like new, only better” - and with a clear focus on sustainability. You can rest assured that each of our quality products undergoes comprehensive and careful testing.

"As good as new quality: Our preparation for your safety.

Product preparation procedure

  1. Cleaning : Each product is thoroughly cleaned. Our cleaning process ensures that every product is hygienically perfect.
  2. Disinfection : After cleaning, we disinfect each product to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.
  3. Functional Testing : We conduct extensive functional testing to ensure each product is fully functional.
  4. Disassembly : When necessary, we take products apart to inspect each individual component and ensure everything is working properly.
  5. Replacement and repairs : If parts are defective or severely worn, we will carry out repairs or replace these parts. This is how we guarantee that every product meets our high quality standards.

Through this conscientious process, we ensure that you always receive a reliable, safe and high-quality product. And that comes with a guarantee - because we assume liability for our products. This distinguishes us from C2C ??marketplaces where buyers bear the risk of second-hand products. At Toddle you can be sure: We take your safety and satisfaction seriously.