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Stacking stones 8 pcs.

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Rent “like new”

After each rental, the products are professionally cleaned of dirt using carefully selected cleaning items and hygienically prepared for the next rental.


We will deliver the product to your home, hotel or AirBnB for an additional charge.

Encourage children's imagination and enjoyment of play with the colorful stacking stones

Payment & processing

When ordering, you pay the first rental fee using your preferred payment method. As soon as we have delivered the product to you, the rental period starts and the following payments are debited easily.

Experience reports from customers

I rented the travel cot including mattress for my little niece. Everything went smoothly. She clearly felt comfortable there during her first stay in Vienna.

Gladly again. :)

Sandra S.

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Great website, well maintained products and fantastic service. Always available when support is needed.

Akshay Balgarkashi

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Thank you for this beautiful baby carrier from Artipoppe! I didn't want to buy it because it was too expensive for me, but my little son loved it for 3 months! Maybe there is a small discount for the next 3 months? ; )


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Stimulate creativity and promote balance

The stacking stones are ahigh quality and attractive toy, which gives children many hours of joy and therefore agood investment in your childis.

In addition, the stacking stones are too100% recyclable. This means that theyno negative impact on the environmenthave and at the end of theirLife cyclecan be completely recycled. This makes the toy oneenvironmentally friendly choicefor parents looking for sustainable toys.

Thehigh qualityThe stacking stones also ensure that the toyrobust and durableand can withstand the challenges of everyday gaming.

Stimulate creativity and promote balance

The Stapelstein Balance Board is ideal for children whoactive balance exercisesand like dynamic sitting. Together with the stacking stone, the seat height can be individually and easily adjustedDifficulty levelof the exercisesincrease. The raised edge of the balance board provides additional supportdemanding balance exercisesand is particularly suitable for children and people with physical disabilities.

Preparation for repeated use

The balance board in rainbow colors with a spinning stone is ahigh quality toy, which is made of robust anddurable materialis manufactured. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that the toy remains in good condition and can be used like new.

To keep the toy in good condition, ourwell cleaned using a certified processing process,disinfectedandAir dried.

A visual inspection is also carried out to ensure that it is in perfect condition andno cracks or damagehaving. If damage is found, the toy should be removedrepaired immediatelyor replaced to ensure the safety of children.

Stressfrei Spielraum

Stacking stones 8 pcs.

From €29,00

The COLORS Rainbow stacking stone set consists of eight colorful life-size building blocks and a spinning top stone, which transform the room into an exciting movement playground. The versatile building blocks offer endless opportunities for imaginative play and encourage children of different ages to do so again and again new color combinations and Game variants to try out.

Included in delivery are 8 stacking stones and the spinning top.

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