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How Toddle reconditions used children's bikes like new

Toddle Aufbereitung von Kinderfahrrädern

When its partners prepare children's bicycles, Toddle attaches great importance to a thorough inspection, cleaning, disinfection, repair and road traffic regulations preparation as well as a final inspection. Care is taken to ensure that the bike meets the highest safety standards and functionality is guaranteed.


Inspection is an important first step to ensure the bike has no defects or damage. Toddle checks the bike for visible damage or defects such as rust, dents, cracks or broken parts. The smooth running of the wheels, the function of the brakes and gears as well as the condition of the chain and tires are also examined in detail.


Cleaning is another important step. Toddle removes coarse dirt and grime with a soft brush or cloth and cleans the bike with mild soapy water and a sponge or cloth. Care is taken not to use aggressive cleaning agents or high-pressure cleaners in order to protect sensitive parts.


Disinfection is particularly important to free the bike from germs and bacteria. Toddle wipes down all surfaces, especially handles, saddle and brake levers, with a disinfectant cleaner or disinfectant wipes and allows the bike to air dry before proceeding.

Repair and adjustment

During repairs and adjustments, the tires, brakes and gears are carefully checked and replaced or repaired if necessary. The chain and other moving parts are also lubricated to ensure smooth operation. The saddle and handlebars are adjusted to suit the child's size and to be comfortable.

StVO preparation

StVO preparation is another important step in making the bike fit for road traffic. Toddle ensures that the bike has working front and rear lights and that the reflectors on the wheels, handlebars and saddle are checked. A bell is also a must.

final check

Finally, the bike undergoes a final inspection to ensure that all parts are working properly and the bike is safe and ready to ride. Particular care is taken to ensure that the bicycle meets the highest safety standards so that children are protected on the road.

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